My stay in Nashville is coming to an end, but I know I’ll be back soon. In my week here I’ve discovered a group of artisans rooted in Southern traditions, each tackling his or her thing—be it food, fashion, or music—in a fresh, inspiring way. I’ve seen a place that embodies New South cool, mixing country and city, high and low.
-Bon Appetit

Its like Hollywood…….just a little less makeup and a lot bigger smiles. Welcome to Music City, a city always famous for cowboy hats and quickly becoming famous for everything else. Throw in country music’s biggest night and you have a scene and a party that is hard to match ( or tame for that matter). While the CMA Awards has always been a big night in country music, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest main stream events of the year. With a backdrop like Broadway, its hard to go wrong. Throw in celebrity artists that are still proud to play host in their home town and you’ve got an event like none other. The type of event where your favorite artist who walked on stage to grab an award hours before, now sneaks into your favorite dive bar, locks the doors and rocks the night away with an impromptu show for fans.
Let the others watch it on television as you experience the CMA Awards live. Watch your favorite artist walk the red carpet, dine at some of Nashville’s newest restaurants or take in a beer on Broadway where so many of our favorites in country music started. Soak in everything Nashville has to offer with amazing accommodations, great seats to the show and access to the hottest after parties.

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