A dream stays just that unless there is a plan… Bucket List Your Life

Throughout our life our brains become intrigued and stimulated with different ideas.  As we go along these ideas develop into places we want to go and things we want to see in person.

Unfortunately, for most of us, life is busy.  With the tasks and goals that are thrown at us on a daily basis, it often becomes more about surviving the day then finding ways to experience it.  Before we know it we seem to lose touch with the goals we had to travel, explore and be a part of those things that have always stuck out in our minds.   This is where we come in……

Custom Bucketlist Programs

Everyone has a list of things they want to do,  it’s time to start checking some items off.  Our custom bucket list programs are designed to work with our clients on a long term basis.  Our individual approach to our clients programs sets us apart from most sports and entertainment specialist.

– Identify a list of events our clients want to attend

– Discuss timeline for attending these events based on individual circumstances

– The ability to include friends, family as a group

– Our teams research into requested events to build out a itinerary

– Working on a long term plan to keep checking items off of the list

Whether its golfing a course in Ireland, attending the Kentucky Derby or a weekend in NYC for Fashion Week,  we are committed to making thoughts into realities.  As cliché as that might sound, many of our clients have reported being able to do things they never thought they could.


The Anytakers BucketList

Not really sure where to start? Then just come with us!
Exploring the world around us is a passion of ours, bringing amazing people together is as well.   This was the backbone behind the creation of the Anytakers Bucket List.

The world is full of movers and shakers, great like minded people that just havent had an excuse to meet yet.  What better backdrop for introduction than witnessing some of the amazing events this world has to offer.  Throughout the year we put together opportunities at a wide range of events in sports, entertainment, outdoors and fashion worlds.  We then offer our clients and friends the option to join our team in enjoying them.

2016 Bucketlist coming in Sept.   Join our newsletter list for updates.

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