Our passion is big thinkers and even bigger events…

It’s a scene you never forget.   Those first few moments of an event where you look around, watching the energy build and your clients eyes growing larger as they soak in everything that is going on around them.   It’s that moment where something they have thought about for so long finally sits right there in front of them.  The rest of the world takes a backseat, the stresses of everything else fall away as you watch them enjoy that initial feeling of sheer happiness.   

THAT my friends,  THAT is what makes it all worth while. 


It was the fall of 2005 that founder Casey Taker first found herself working in the field of sports travel. From day one of running her first event at the 2005 World Series in Houston TX, she knew she had found her calling. After having the great fortune to work with some of the best in the business, Taker created Anytakers Sports and Entertainment.

“Simply put, we make fun happen” explains Taker when often asked to describe exactly what her company does. “ Even better, we make fun relaxing, by taking all care of all of the work for our clients. Everyone has things they want to do, places they want to see, we are here to make it happen for them”

Whether its on the local, national or global level our passion is making sure that your event is maximized to its highest potential. With experience at hundreds of sports and entertainment events our team knows what it takes to create the experience of a lifetime.
A good event takes work, let us be that arm of your operation. We work to get to know our clients, identify what they really want out of their next event and make that happen. We heavily research and stay up to date with events around the world, this helps us keep our programs new and always working to be better. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond industry expectations and in setting new standards for event travel. Maximizing an event means knowing whats going on throughout its duration whether its meet and greets with athletes and celebrities, sponsor events or the hottest after party.

Great events also bring together great people. Our team works to connect like minded individuals that we believe might benefit from knowing one another. Whether you are a single time bucketlist client or a major corporate program, let Anytakers Sports and Entertainment take your next big event to the next level.

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